Deborah Dean, 47, who had been on the jury during the case of a sex monster, Shakeal Rehman, has escaped a jail sentence after it emerged that she had written Shakeal Rehman a letter saying ‘chin up sexy.’


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Shakeal Rehman was jailed for 12 years after being found guild of raping a 13 year old girl in 2014.

Mrs Dean had been on the jury during the trial at Yorkshire Crown Court and told Mr Rehman that she was fighting for him in the deliberating room.

It was only after the trial had finished that it came to light that she had written him letters in which she wrote she was fighting there fight, and the other jurors were ‘snobbish.’

She also told Shakeal Rehman and his co defendant that if they needed money, a letter or even a visit she would be there for them.

She signed off the letters with a ‘X’ from ‘Dee Dee’

She accepted the charge of contempt of court and was given a suspended sentence.

Chief justice Lord Thomas. said: ‘It is clear that this court must always do everything it can to ensure that we preserve the integrity of trial by jury.’

After the trial Mrs Dean broke down in tears telling photographers ‘I’m sorry.’

The court heard how Rehman had taken advantage of a 13 year old girl that he and his co defendants picked up from a street in Bradford after she had gone missing.

Over the next few days they kept her in a flat and subjected her to continuous sexual abuse by several men.

Rehman was ultimately jailed for 12 years.

Giving judgment, Lord Thomas said: ‘We consider that the right sentence that should be imposed upon her is that she should receive a sentence of imprisonment of three months, but suspended for 12 months.’