Gurinder Singh, 33, was stabbed to death in west London shortly after 11pm on Saturday after being ambushed by three hooded attackers.


Mr Singh cried out “help me, I’m dying” to witnesses who rushed to help him after his attackers drove away in a car.

Bystanders who witnessed the attack said that the attackers had first tried to mow down Mr Singh at high-speed and then jumped out of the vehicle to stab him up to four times using a sword while kicking and punching him.

The “frenzied” 30-second attack only ended after the men jumped back into their car, leaving Mr Singh for dead.

Witnesses rushed to the aid of Mr Singh giving him water and comforting him while emergency services and police where on their way.

He was taken to hospital but doctors were unable to save him and he died from his wounds at around 6:30am Sunday morning.

Once witness said: “I heard the screech of tyres and looked outside and there was a dark car – I think it was a Vauxhall – going at about 60 or 70mph trying to run the guy over.

“I think he dived for cover or they might have just hit him, I don’t know. The next thing I know three men had jumped from the car.

“One of them had a hood and they were all dressed in dark clothing. They were smashing at the guy, it looked like they were taking golf swings.

“It was a frenzied attack. They were kicking him and beating him on the ground.”

Detectives have launched a murder enquiry and quickly arrested a 24-year-old man on suspicion of murder.

Detective Chief Inspector Mark Lawson said: “I need to hear from anyone who saw or heard anything suspicious especially in the Viking Road and Spikes Bridge Road area from around 11pm on Saturday night.

“I also want to trace a car which was seen driving in the area immediately before the assault.

“The car, which may be a Vauxhall, is thought to have contained three or four males.”