A man has been found guilty of killing two men in a “ferocious” attack after coming face to face with his wife’s lover in their living room.


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Mohammed Zubair brutally killed the two men in his home before driving to a secluded country lane and dumping the bodies, Bradford Crown Court was told.

He then flew to Pakistan to evade justice with the help of his mother who booked and paid for his tickets the following day.

Mr Zubair had denied killing his wife’s lover Amhedin Khyel, and Mr Khyel’s friend, Imran Khan and claimed his friend Sabir Hussain, who was jailed five years ago for the manslaughter of Mr Khyel and Mr Khan while Zubair was on the run, was solely responsible.

During the trial Tahir Khan QC, for the prosecution, told the court that Mr Zubair had found out his wife, Kainaat Bibi, was having an affair with 35-year-old Afghan electrician Mr Khyel, who lived in London with his wife and children.

Mrs Bibi had visited Mr Khyel in London during a temporary separation from her husband and Mr Khyel would visit Mrs Bibi at her Bradford home where the pair would have sex while Mr Zubair was out.

The court heard that on May 10 2011, Mr Khyel visited Mrs Bibi’s home with his friend Imran Khan.

It was then Mr Khyel and Mr Khan came face to face with Mrs Bibi’s husband, who became ‘enraged’ when he saw the man who had sex with his wife standing in his living room.

Prosecutor Tahir Khan said, “What followed then must have been an attack with a weapon or weapons on two defenceless, unarmed men.”

“Imran may just have been in the wrong place at the wrong time,” added Mr Khan.

After beating the men to death in his living room with a hammer or a dumb bell Mr Zubair put the bodies in his cab and dumped them in a secluded Lane.

The bodies were found by two motorists in the early hours of the following morning.

Both men suffered fractures in their heads with parts of their brains being pushed out their skulls.

Zubair flew to Pakistan the following day after his mother, Arab Sultana, booked and paid for his tickets.

Zubair’s mother, Arab Sultana, 64, was jailed for three years and nine months for buying her son’s a plane ticket to get out of the country.

Zubair’s wife, Kainat Bibi, 27, was locked up for 20 months for lying to murder squad detectives about her affair with Mr Khyel, and telling the police her husband was on a pilgrimage to Morocco after the killings.

Sultana and Bibi, who lived with Zubair, had pleaded guilty to perverting the course of public justice.

Zubair was found guilty for the murder of Mr Khyel and Mr Khan and will be sentenced today.

Sources: Asian Image