Man jailed for secretly filming woman he met online and then blackmailing them for money

A man who secretly filmed having sex with woman he met through family members and on an online  matrimonial website and then tried to blackmail them for money has been jailed.



Farhan Mirza, 38, who is married four times and has one child, targeted three Muslim woman and threatened to bring shame on them and their families by posting footage of them having sex with him on the internet unless they gave him money and gifts.

Timothy Evans, prosecuting, said: “He targeted them because of the terror, embarrassment and humiliation that each of these ladies would have felt in their minds by what this defendant did to them.”


Mirza met two of his victims on the Muslim matrimonial website and told the woman he was a doctor and an IT manager when in fact he was a taxi driver.

Timothy Evans told the court: “It is the prosecution’s case that Mr Mirza is a particular kind of sexual predator and he chooses his victims carefully.

“Because of their religious and ethnic backgrounds he targeted them because of the terror, embarrassment and humiliation that each of these ladies would have felt in their minds by what this defendant did to them.”

The first victim went to the police in 2014 and subsequent investigations led police to two other victims.

The first victim,  described her horror after searching his laptop and finding videos of them having sex and videos of other woman.

“He didn’t have one or two – there were hundreds of them. I was there too. I had no idea that he was filming when we were together, or had hidden cameras. Never, ever would I have consented to that,” she told the court.

He demanded money from her including £20,000 and £5,000 which she refused to pay but later paid £1,500 towards his college fees.

The second victim told the court that she thought she was going to marry Mirza and spend the rest of their life together after he told her he was a surgeon in London and promised her a £25,000 diamond engagement ring.

“He told me he was a surgeon, so I thought he was a surgeon. He told me he was single, never married and was a virgin,” she said.

“He has got two sides to his personality. He can be rude, strips off and is sex driven, and the other side of him is polite and angelic.”

Mirza later told the woman that he would make her “famous” by sending nude images of her to colleagues.

Jurors were shown videos that Mirza had secretly recorded having sex with one of the defendants and the other leaving the shower and getting dressed.

He denied the charges against him and claimed the first victim recorded the videos herself and even saved them on her phone.

He also claimed that the movie shown to the jury of him having sex with the woman was in fact a different woman.

The jury took less than three hours to find Mirza guilty of four charges of blackmail, three of voyeurism, two sexual assault charges, one charge of theft and fraud by false representation at Cardiff Crown Court.

While sentencing Mirza, judge Tom Crowther said in the case of his first victim, “you wanted to take her for everything you could get”.

He said “that demonstrates the pure misogyny of how you were living off this scheme”.

He was jailed for eight and a half years.

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