A student who stabbed his mother 37 times with a sword and knife has been sent to a secure mental hospital.

Javid Ahmed, 26, pleaded guilty to the manslaughter of his mother, Amina Begum, 47, on the grounds of diminished responsibility


Chelmsford Crown Court heard how the vicious attack began at the family home and as Amina Begum tried to escape she was chased on to the street where Ahmed continued to stab her.

Shocked neighbours and passers-by who witnessed the attack described seeing him slashing and stabbing and slashing his mother to the head and body.

The attack only stopped when a neighbour, Margaret Anderson, 80, pleaded for him to stop.

He then rang 999 to report he had killed his mother.

A psychiatrist said he was obsessed with the Angels and Demons film, based on Dan Brown’s best-selling novel.

He was deemed a risk to the public and could now spend the rest of his life in a mental health unit after being given an indeterminate hospital order under the Mental Health Act.

Det Insp Danny Stoten said: “The investigation into this incident has established that at the time Ahmed was very unwell and his mental capacity was significantly impaired.

Sentencing Ahmed, Judge Charles Gratwicke said: “No-one can feel anything but shock and revulsion and sickness as to the manner in which your mother died.

“She was completely innocent, she had done you no harm. She brought you into this world. She must have been absolutely terrified.

“You slaughtered her. Anyone who has listened to this case could feel nothing but shock, revulsion and sickness.”

“She was attacked by you inside the house, you used a knife and a sword.

“She must have been absolutely terrified as she ran from the house, already injured by you, going to the ground where you proceeded to slaughter her.

“She brought you into this world. She nurtured you, cared for you, loved you. She gave you life. You took hers.”

Ahmed will not be discharged from hospital until the Ministry of Justice has agreed to his release.

Ahmed was told he would not be discharged from hospital until the Ministry of Justice has agreed to his release.