A drug smuggler who used his own wife as mule to carry drugs which were sewn into clothing and put in her suitcase has been jailed for eight years.


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Almost £500,000 worth of heroin was seized at Heathrow Airport inside suitcases. The drugs had been sewn into eight dresses and put in Nazreen Anwar’s suitcase as she flew back from Islamabad to London.

Waseem Anwar Choudry, a taxi driver from Slough, pleaded guilty to being involved in the importation of 7.7 kilos of class A drugs and was jailed for eight years.

The estimated street value for the drugs he imported into the UK has been placed at £470,000

His wife, Nazreen Anwar, 28, was arrested at Heathrow Airport on June 28, 2015, and told investigators that her husband had given her the dresses to bring to the UK for family members.

She claimed that she had been to Islamabad, in Pakistan, for a two-week holiday and that she had no idea she was carrying vast quantities of heroin.

Nazreen Anwar, was found not guilty on all charges.

Her husband, who was supposed to fly back a few days after his wife but did not board his flight, was arrested trying to re-enter the country via St Pancras International rail terminal.

Siobhan Micklethwaite, from the NCA’s Heathrow border investigation team said: “This was a cynical attempt to import a large amount of class A drugs by a man who seemed quite happy for his wife to take all the risks on his behalf.

“Heroin is a dangerous substance which fuels criminality, from the organised gangs and dealers involved in making and distributing it to the street addicts who turn to crime to pay for their habit.”