Drugs fiend, Azeem Issa, 22, fatally stabbed groom-to-be, Sahill Roy, 28, in the neck after they had fallen out over a game of FIFA, the Old Bailey was told.

Victim: Sahill Roy, 28, died after being stabbed

The two friends had fallen out two days prior to the stabbing after Mr Issa was teased for losing at a football video game.

The court heard that Mr Roy avoided Mr Issa’s calls and refused to come to the door to speak to him after the falling-out.

When the friend’s finally met up again two days later on April 10 this year , Mr Issa pulled out a knife and stabbed Mr Roy once in the right shoulder and once to the right side of his neck after arguing about a cannabis grinder.

Prosecutor Riel Karmy Jones QC told the jury that the stabbing on April 10 came just after Mr Roy refused to show Issa his cannabis grinder but the hostilities between the two friends had started two days earlier over a FIFA football game.

Mr Roy had invited Issa and other friend’s to his home to play video games on his X Box.

“There was some disagreement about which game they would play, FIFA or UFC (Ultimate Fighting Champion)”, she said.

“Ricardo (Azeem Issa’s nickname) got irritated because he couldn’t play the game he wanted. In the end they gave him the spliff to stop him moaning.

“They played the game and at one point Ricardo got wound up because Sahill was teasing him about losing.”

Mr Issa then went home because he had felt that Mr Sahill was disrespecting him.

During the next two days Issa tried to contact Sahill on his mobile and by going to his house to speak to him and accused him of “taking the piss” when he was unable to contact him.

On the day of the attack, Mr Issa had met up with some acquaintances, including Mr Roy, to smoke some cannabis on the estate in which they all lived.

Prosecutor Riel Karmy Jones, continued: “Before the meeting, the defendant had been in an agitated mood, and had been desperate to find Sahill, who it seemed had been trying to avoid him.

The victim and Mr Issa, who calls himself ‘savage’, became embroiled in a row, and started pushing each other, it was said.

“In an outburst of temper, the defendant pulled out a knife that he had concealed on his person, and stabbed Mr Roy twice.”

Mr Issa fled while the rest of the group dragged Mr Roy into a nearby communal car park, where he fell to the ground bleeding heavily, jurors were told.

Emergency services were called but he was pronounced dead later that day.

Mr Roy was in the process of planning his wedding, and his fiancée had already bought her dress, the jury was told.

Issa has eight previous convictions, including for possession of an offensive weapon, attempted robbery and assault, the court heard.

He denies murder.

The trial continues.