A security van driver has been jailed for robbing his own vehicle after he and 4 other gang members made off with £600,000.

Top left, Faisile Mahmood, top right, Aroon Choudry, bottom left, Attif Hussain, bottom right, Saqib Ahmed

Fasile Mahmood had been employed for six years by the company, his duties included replenishing funds in cash machines.

On April 2, Mahmood arrived for work and was given his route for the day and was assigned another security guard to travel with him to refill the cash machines.

They made their first delivery as scheduled in the chapel Market area without incident.

However, two other members of would be robbers, driving a Vauxhall Astra, followed the security vehicle closely and waited until the second delivery was underway to make their move.

Once the second delivery was under way, the two men travelling in the Vauxhall Astra armed with a knife and a spanner jumped in the front and the rear of the vehicle and threatened the security guards.

The suspect who had jumped in the back of the vehicle assaulted the guard, who was the only person at that point who was unaware of the plan to rob the vehicle.

He then forced the guard to open the safe so the robbers would be able to access the large amounts of cash inside.

The suspect at the front of the vehicle allegedly punched Fasile Mahmood to make it seem like a genuine robbery.

The suspect then drove the security van to another destination to unload the £615,000 cash into a Ford Focus before they made off.

The gang thought they pulled of the perfect robbery, but Met’s Flying Squad launched an investigation and found that the Ford Focus getaway car was hired from Luton, the same town were Fasile Mahmood lived.

Flying Squad Detective Constable Tim Fines said: “Suspicions were raised at this point as one of the victims, Fasile Mahmood, was from Luton. The Ford Focus had been parked at the scene prior to the robbery and was ready to be used by the thieves to escape with the cash.

“The route taken by the security van changed daily and was always supplied to the driver on the day. In order to have put the Focus in place in advance the thieves had to have known the route that the security van would take.

“Fasile Mahmood had collected that day’s delivery route and communicated it to the rest of the gang before he left the depot.”

Last month, five members of the gang were jailed at Harrow Crown Court for over 37 years.

Fasile Mahmood, 26, from Luton, was jailed for eight years for conspiracy to rob.

Muhsin Ahmed, 25, from Luton, was jailed for six years and nine months for the same offence,

Attif Hussain, 30, of, from Luton, was also jailed for eight years for conspiracy to rob.

Aroon Choudry, 29, from Luton, was also jailed for seven years for conspiracy to rob.

Saqib Ahmed, 40, from Bradford, was jailed for seven years and six months for the same offence.

No money was ever recovered in relation to the case but police have said applications to seize property under the Proceeds of Crime Act are now underway.