A man who was addicted to takeaways and tipped the scales at almost 27 stones has lost half his bodyweight but now says he is addicted to taking selfies.


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Sajid Khaliq, 28, started to comfort eat after his mother was diagnosed with cancer and sadly died in 2010.

His weight escalated and hit its peak at 26st 10lbs.

He became ashamed of his size and hid away in his bedroom lacking the confidence to show himself to his friends or family.

He said: ‘I turned to food for comfort to try and cheer myself up and give myself a treat.’

‘I knew that I faced a very lonely future and I wanted a social life,’ Sajid said. ‘I was in my mid twenties and wanted a wife and family, but my weight was a barrier.’

The turning point in his life came after meeting amputees at work who had lost their limbs through weight related conditions like diabetes.

He said: ‘I was working in the rehabilitation area of the hospital and witnessing what my weight could potentially do terrified me. I hated the thought of being a burden because of my weight.

‘I thought of mum and how hard caring for her in her final months had been because of her size. I knew I had to make a change because I was wasting my life away.’

Sajid signed up for the Cambridge Weight Plan in 2014 and was teamed up with a personal weight loss consultant to support him through his weight loss journey.

He said: ‘It was the first time I had ever tried a diet in my life and it was hard. But I had reached the stage where I wanted it so badly I was prepared to be disciplined.’

He gained motivation after having lost half a stone in just one week.

After ten months of hard word and being dedicated to his weight loss programme he managed to lose a whopping 10 stones, which gave him the confidence to take his first selfie.

He said: ‘The first one I did, I posted next to a picture of the old me. Everyone was so nice writing great comments that I started posting more and more.’

‘My energy was through the roof. I was interacting with people and began socialising rather than just speaking to friends on the phone’

Soon he started posting ten selfies a day on social media as he lost more weight.

Sajid, who’s 5ft 10ins, said: ‘I become known as the Selfie King among my friends which was funny considering I’d barely even taken any pictures of myself before.’

He said: ‘My life has changed so much for the better it’s hard to imagine the old me anymore.’

Finally Sajid felt comfortable in finding a partner and asked his aunties to find him a match, a engagement seems to be on the cards very soon, he says.

‘It is awesome to think I will have everything I ever wanted thanks to losing weight,’ Sajid said.

‘Mum would be so proud of me,’ he said. ‘And I can finally say I am proud of myself.’