Police are attempting to track down a man who rubbed fake poo on a four-year-old Asian girl’s face in what police have described as a racially motivated crime.

fake poo

A group of twenty men cheered on the attacker as he approached the young child and her mother and then proceeded to rub ‘fake plastic faeces’ on their faces.

The attacked took place at the Royal Exchange pub on Cornmarket at around 4pm.

The young girls uncle, Tayyib Nawaz, has said the young child is now scared to go back to the city centre.

In a Facebook post he wrote: “Earlier on outside the Royal Exchange pub in town, my mum, my sister, with her 18 month old son in a pushchair and daughter, aged 4, were walking through town and some ‘man’ thought it would be cool to try to rub fake poop in my niece’s face.

“Then he tried to do the same to my mum to which he received a load of cheers. Now my niece is too frightened to even go back into town! Nobody intervened. Absolutely disgusting!”

He also added that the attackers did not feel any remorse after the family became visibly distressed.

Other members of the family believe that the group targeted the family because they were wearing headscarves and Asian clothing.

Pub landlord Terry Clarke was notified of the actions of the group and immediately kicked them out.

He said: ‘I had a couple of women come in and tell me what had happened, they had tried to rub the poo in an Asian woman’s face,’ he said.

‘That was the last straw. I went over there and told them they needed to leave, and the guy started giving me a mouthful – but I said enough’s enough.’

The main suspect police want to question in connection with the racist attack is described as a white male in his late 20s or early 30s, approximately 6ft tall and light brown hair.