A masked gunman who walked into a fast food shop and shot at the ceiling is being hunted by police.


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The shooting happened in Coventry Road, Birmingham, at around 1.45am on Tuesday as terrified staff fled in fear for their lives.

After speaking to the shop owners police have said that no motive for the attack has been established.

Det Sgt Jim Bennett said: “No-one was injured and at this stage the motive remains unclear.

“I’d like to hear from anyone who can shed light on why this shooting took place or has any information that could help our enquiry.

“The staff are understandably shaken-up at seeing a man walk into the shop with a shotgun.

“Discharging a firearm in public is totally unacceptable and we need to get hold of this man as soon as possible.”

Staff member, Mohammed Mahmood, said:”We’ve had problems, things like fighting, swearing or shouting because someone doesn’t like the food, drunks, but nothing like this.

“I feel scared. My colleague hasn’t come to work for two days because he’s scared.”

“Some guy came in and had a scarf round his face.”

“He said ‘Khan’ which is my cultural name and also the name of the other worker.”

“Then they shot the roof and my friend ran to the back.”

The gunman has been described as Asian and was wearing a puffa style jacket.