A Bradford man who stole over £40,000 of jewellery from his mother and sister so that he could pay of a drugs debt has been jailed for two years.

gold thief1

Adeel Hafeez, 36, who had already served a three-and-a-half-year jail for possession of heroin with intent to supply and had a string of other offences, was using class A drugs and managed to get himself in debt with local drug dealers.

He committed the robbery after being trusted to stay alone at the family house while the rest of the family and relatives were in Pakistan for a holiday earlier this year.


He searched the family house for the jewellery box and when he finally found it he stole gold items including £15,000 of bangles and necklaces from his mother, Shamim Akhtar, and £25,000 of jewellery from his sister, Aneela Jubeen, including her wedding jewellery.

Prosecutor Carmel Pearson told Bradford Crown Court that Hafeez promised his sister he would get the jewellery back but when he failed to do so, she called the police.

Hafeez’s barrister said in court that he wanted to pay back his mother and sister and was “building bridges” with family members.

It was also mentioned in court that Hafeez had a partner and young child and wanted to make a fresh start in life.

Judge Jonathan Durham Hall QC said Hafeez had 11 previous convictions for 22 offences.

He was on a community order for a previous offence of fraud when he stole the jewellery from his family.

The judge said: “This was wedding jewellery, valuable jewellery, and this is the sort of thing that is very precious to any woman.”

The judge also said that Hafeez’s promise to his sister to get the jewellery back was “an empty lie”.

They were “mean, unpleasant and nasty” offences, Judge Durham Hall said.

Hafeez, 36, of Hapsberg Court, Elsdon Grove, Holme Top, Bradford, pleaded guilty to two offences of theft and was jailed for two years.