Internet sensation, Sajad Gharibi, the huge Iranian weightlifter has been dubbed the Iranian Hulk after his pictures on social media shocked and astounded many people around the world.



The 24 year old Iranian has a shocking resemblance in physique to the fictional superhero ‘The Hulk’.

He is said to be almost 25 stones and claims all of it to be ‘pure muscle’.


He has also gained a huge following on Instagram from fans around the world, almost 60,000 followers, some of who are so shocked by his size they claim his pictures to be photoshopped.


He can lift up to 175 kilograms, which is more then his own bodyweight and regularly takes part in powerlifting competitions representing his country.

He also regularly posts pictures with objects that look smaller when held by him.

In one photo that went viral he holds a Fanta Orange to show the sheer size of his arms and body.