Three men who kidnapped a terrified mother and her three children from a taxi as people watched in horror have been jailed for a total of 17 years.

From left: Ateek Khan, Mohammed Ansar Khan, Muserat Khan

The three men from the Black Country hired two cars to travel to Shropshire and locate the woman who had moved to a place of safety there for refuge.

They spotted the woman in a cab and forced it to stop before smashing the window and snatching the woman and her children.

They then bundled the victims into one of their cars and sped off as shocked members of the public tried their best to stop them.

But they failed to notice that the victim had alerted the police using her mobile phone whilst she was in the car with the kidnappers and officers scrambled to track down the mother and her children.

They were all found safely a short while later.

Mohammed Ansar Khan, 31, admitted kidnap and was sentenced to six years in prison at Shrewsbury Crown Court.

His Accomplice Muserat Khan, 36, also pleaded guilty to kidnap and was sentenced to five years and nine months in prison.

Ateek Khan, 28, from Oak Road, West Bromwich, admitted kidnap and was jailed for five years and five months.

Detective Sergeant Lee Holehouse said: “This case involved the kidnap of a woman and three children by a group of people who clearly had no regard for their welfare or the law.

“This was a completely unjustified, terrifying incident for them, I hope the significant custodial sentences reinforce the message that criminal activity will not be tolerated.”

Judge Peter Barrie said: “She had tried to keep her whereabouts secret and came to Oswestry for refuge.”