A millionaire businessman from New York is accused of strangling his British girlfriend to death in a hotel room after meeting her on the Muslim dating website MuslimMatch.com.


Sammy Almahri, 44, had traveled to the UK to visit Nadine Aburas, 28, and booked a room at the Future Inns hotel near her home on December 30, 2014.

Miss Aburas was found strangled later that day by hotel staff while her alleged killed fled using her car to drive to Heathrow Airport to board a flight to Doha to escape.

He had left a ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign on the hotel room door to buy himself time to escape.

The pair had met two or three times in 2013 and she travelled to New York to see him in the summer of 2014 and upon her return she called police to say that she had been raped by Almahri in New York and claimed he had also attempted to strangle her.

The court heard that Miss Aburas, who lived alone in her flat in Cardiff bay, had met Almahri on the Muslim dating site MuslimMatch.com.

He became besotted by her, sending her money and expensive presents.

Prosecutor Roger Thomas said: ‘They became friendly and contacted each other regularly by telephone, text and Skype.

‘The friendship developed. It’s clear Almahri visited Nadine two or three times in 2013 and she travelled to New York to see him in the summer of 2014.

He added: ‘There can be no doubt their friendship developed into an intimate relationship.’

The court heard that Miss Aburas had suffered violence and rape during their last meeting in New York and she started seeing other men around her area.

This led to Almahari to become ‘increasingly jealous’ and sent her abusive messages.

Miss Aburas became concerned that Almahri would show topless pictures that she had sent him to her family so agreed to meet him in the UK.

On December 30, 2014, Almahri traveled to the UK and booked a room at the Future Inns hotel near her home and it is their he is alleged to have strangled her before leaving the hotel shortly after 3am to board a flight to Doha.

Miss Aburas’s body was discovered nine hours later by a duty manager and police were called.

An Interpol arrest warrant was issued and Almahri was eventually arrested in Tanzania earlier this year and returned to the UK to face trial.

He pleaded guilty to manslaughter but denied the charge of murder, claiming he was suffering from ‘abnormality of mental function’

He also claimed that he heard ‘the voice of God’ instructing him to kill Miss Aburas.

But the prosecutor, Mr Thomas said: ‘We submit quite simply this was the killing of a defenceless woman by a jealous and dangerous man.’

The trial continues..