Millionaire Aleem Iqbal who calls himself ‘Lord Aleem’ posted pictures of the horror crash he was involved in last night, saying that he ‘Cheated death last night… Driver did a hit and run… Typical.’


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The accident involved a Audi A3 which Aleem claimed had jumped the red lights and hit the back of his Audi Q7, Sending his vehicle flying into the railings.

Several of the railings entered the back of his car ‘like a knife through butter’.

Writing on Instagram, he said: “Those metal railings could have been through my chest and today I wouldn’t be here.

“That’s would of been the end of my story. God really looked over me last night. (sic)”

The incident is believed to have happened in Birmingham.

He told his fans on his YouTube feed: ‘I was driving home. The black Audi hit me on the back at a cross roads. He jumped the red lights.’

‘The driver ran off. The impact was so bad the metal railings went through the car like a knife going through butter. I promise you, if I had caught that a little bit different, I would have had metal poles going straight through that door and through my chest.

‘I had airbags pop out from the sides. My head was thrown about left and right. I am feeling a little bit sore. I have a few scratches. Nothing too serious.

‘Everyone thinks that life, you have so much ahead of you. I thought I was driving home. I was envisaging going to bed, putting my phone on charge and then… boom. Game over. I may not have got home to see my mum.

‘It really is a wake up call. I feel that God was looking over me. I feel very blessed to be here. Make sure you have your seatbelts on. That probably saved me from being flung through the windscreen.’