A spurned lover murdered Tanveer Iqbal after luring him to his death with the promise of a birthday cake before strangling him and then stuffing him into his own car boot, a court heard.


Mr Iqbal was stuffed into a cardboard box for a widescreen television and left in the boot of his own car.

The court heard how Mr Iqbal and his mistress, Zatoon Bibi, 37, had a ‘unconventional and complicated domestic relationship’ which went on for several years.

Both of their spouses were ‘fully aware’ of their relationship and had even met each other as ‘sisters’.

The court heard the trouble started when Mr Iqbal had banned the spouses from contacting each other because he believed Zatoon Bibi was trying to cause trouble between him and his wife.

Prosecuter QC Sally Howes said: ‘It is clear that in the period leading up to January 31, Zatoon Bibi is stirring up trouble between Mr Iqbal and his wife Nasreen Bibi.

‘At one stage Zatoon Bibi sent a video message to Nasreen of a sexual nature, involving Mr Iqbal.

‘If this behaviour was meant to cause a rift between Tanveer and his wife, then Zatoon Bibi’s plan backfired.’

At this point Mr Iqbal told Zatoon Bibi that their relationship was over and he would not be seeing her again and would instead continue his life with his wife.

Zatoon Bibi then tried to get back with Mr Iqbal by sending him a series of text messages begging him not to leave her.

In one message she allegedly told her lover: ‘I didn’t mean to hurt you and your family at all, and I hope all your family can forgive me for the stress I caused. I’m sorry for everything.’

Zatoon Bibi then hatched a plan to lure Mr Iqbal to her house by telling him that she had made him a cake for his birthday, which he had celebrated the previous day.

Footage of her husband, Mr Nawaz, 44, was then played out in court showing Nawaz buying nylon rope, gaffer tape and non-slip gloves from Poundland.

The court then heard how CCTV footage showed Mr Iqbal parking his Renault Clio outside the house of Zatoon Bibi at around 6.27pm that same day and then an hour later a woman said to be Zatoon Bibi can be seen reversing the same car with the boot facing her house.

Ms Howes said: ‘It is the Crown’s case this is Zatoon Bibi abandoning the Renault Clio with Tanveer Iqbal’s body inside the boot.’

Mr Iqbal’s body was discovered a day later after a friend spotted the vehicle by chance.

Jurors also heard that DNA evidence found linking Nawaz to the tape used to wrap the box was a one in a billion chance of it not belonging to Nawaz.