Video footage released on social media shows a man who is allegeldy an MMA fighter from the UK beating up two German police officers for lifting his wife’s veil.

Whilst German and mainstream media outlets are reporting that the man lost his temper due to a delayed flight, alternative media outlets like 301+ News and at least two of the people recording the videos have claimed that the two German police officers tried to search the woman after she refused to lift her niqab in the absence of a female officer.

After the man objected to male officers searching his wife, an argument broke out which led to his wife fainting.

The footage was taken at Frankfurt Airport, Germany on the 26 of July.

It has been alleged that the man became angry after the officers insisted on checking under his wife’s veil to verify she is a man.

The man then insisted that a female officer do the searches but became angered after one of the male officers tried to lift her veil.

An argument broke out between the man and the officers which led to the mans wife fainting.

The footage shows the man beating up the officers by kicking and punching them before he was tased and arrested.