Mohammed Abed who had £70k bionic penis fitted has op to reduce size after breaking his virginity

Mohammed Abad became the first man in Britain to have a Bionic penis fitted after having his own ripped off in a childhood car accident in the 70s.

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 Mr Abad lost his virginity to sex worker Charlotte Rose last year   | abadpenisbionic3
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He was having a snowball fight with friends as a child when the horrific accident occurred. He was dragged almost 1800 feet with the vehicle, causing the injuries.

Mr Abad was dealt a blow to his chances of finally having children when his wife left him last year after only finding out about his condition on their first night as a married couple. The couple had only been together for two years.

The Bionic penis that Mr Abad had fitted came complete with “on” and “off” buttons but he was not happy with the large size of his new friend.

Over weekend he went in to get the size reduced, undergoing a gruelling three hour operation to get the penis thinned down.

Mr Abad only realised the penis was too large after finally breaking his virginity to sex worker Charlotte Rose in London and it was after that he realised that his new bionic penis needed to be made smaller.

The event of him breaking his virginity became much publicized in the media and caught the attention of many others who are in need of similar ops.

The penis was created using skin grafts from his arm and has taken 121 operations so far.

It can be inflated to full size using a specially designed button which is placed in the testicles.

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