More details emerged yesterday of the celebrity lifestyle lived by one of Britain’s biggest cyber-fraudster Feezan Hameed after conning UK companies out of £113million over a two year period.

fizzy5The shameless fraudster described himself as the ‘King’ and lived like one, flying personal valets 8,000 miles across the world to polish his fleet of cars.

He told people he was a wealthy music producer and a property developer to avoid any suspision to how he amassed such a huge fortune.

Hameed blew millions on a property portfolio in Pakistan, Dubai and Scotland and spent  £100,000 at a time on shopping trips at Harrods snapping up £45,000 Rolex watches.

He also spent millions on a fleet of cars including a Bentley, Rolls-Royce, Lamborghini and Porsches.

The crook also hired ‘butlers’ to do his shopping while he hung out with Pakistani pop stars like Bilal Saeed and Dubai’s rich and famous.

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But unknown to people around him he was fleecing British firms out of millions to fund his playboy lifestyle, raking in £3million a month by robbing bank customers.

It emerged in court that one of his victims became so distraught that she committed suicide.

Hameed’s life of luxury came to an end when 16 police forces came together to bring down the 19-strong gang led by the crook.

The court heard how the gang purchased details of bank customers from employees at the banks for just £250.

They then used sophisticated techniques and software to dupe the customers of those banks into believing their accounts had been hacked and asking them to hand over their internet banking passwords over the phone.

The bank accounts were then drained while the gang jammed the victim’s phone lines to make sure they don’t alert the banks while the transfers were being made.

One company was emptied out of  £2.2million in a matter of minutes.

The money was then laundered through bureaux de change in London and sent to Dubai and Pakistan. Only £47million out of the £113million has been recovered.

Jailing him for eleven years, Judge Peter Testar said the scam was allowing cash to flow like ‘coins from a fruit machine’. He added: ‘This was a complex, clever, persistent and pitiless fraud. The damage to the people running these businesses was potentially devastating. It would break the hearts of those who lost this money to see how it was frittered away on frivolous junk at Harrods.’

Detective Chief Inspector Andrew Gould, who led the investigation, said: ‘It is the biggest fraud of this kind we have seen in the country.

‘The level of trade craft they used was as high, if not higher than most terrorist networks.’

Other gang members jailed

From top left- Ayesha Nadeem, Nouman Chaudhary, Abdul Iqbal, Syed Amish. Bottom left – Mohammed Mehtab, Syed Haider, Bilal Ahmed, Bushra Shabab