Eight vile paedophiles including the last of the four brother’s who were labelled as the most notorious perpetrators of terrible abuse against teenage girls in the South Yorkshire, have been jailed for a total of 96 years.


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The trial at Sheffield Crown Court which lasted nearly a month heard how the men “sexualised” their victims and subjected them to acts of a “degrading and violent nature”.

The court heard a statement written by one of the victims who was abused when she was only 14.

In the statement, read by prosecutor Michelle Colborne QC, she said: ‘I used to wake up every morning and be happy and excited about what the day may bring.

‘I was carefree, innocent and I loved life. All of that has now changed for me. Now all the days roll into one. I no longer look forward to anything.’

She added: ‘A piece of me is missing and I will never get that back.’

Another victim, who was only 13-years-old when she was repeatedly raped by Sageer Hussain, was forced to withdraw the allegations after threats made by the gang.

The court was told that police lost the girl’s clothes without carrying out any forensic analysis and phones seized during the investigation were also lost.

Tapes of Sageer’s 2003 police interview were also apparently destroyed.

The family of the girl eventually forced to take the girl out of school and move abroad.

Ms Colborne said the court case was about three victims “who were sexualised and, in some instances, subjected to acts of a degrading and violent nature at the hands of these men”.

She said that Sageer Hussain played a key role in befriending the young girls before exploiting them and passing them around to friends and associates.

During the trial the court also heard that Sageer Hussain told one of his victims: “All white girls are good for is sex and they are just sl*gs.”

The court also heard that Sageer used one of the girl’s for “his own gratification and passed her to friends, older brothers and associates” including Mohammed Whied and Asif Ali, as well as his older brother Basharat Hussain.

The eight men, including four brothers, were all convicted of 19 counts including rape, indecent assault and false imprisonment.

They were all sentenced yesterday at Sheffield Crown Court with jail terms ranging between 5 and 19 years.

Hussain, 30, of Clough Road, Rotherham, was convicted of four rapes and one indecent assault.

Mohammed Whied, 32, of Psalters Lane, Rotherham, was found guilty of one count of aiding and abetting rape.

Ishtiaq Khaliq, 33, of Cherry Brook, Rotherham, was found guilty of one rape and three indecent assaults.

Waleed Ali, 34, of Canklow Road, Rotherham, was found guilty of one rape and one indecent assault.

Asif Ali, 30, of Clough Road, Rotherham, was convicted of one rape.

Masoued Malik, 32, of Bridgewater Way, Rotherham, was found guilty of one rape, one count of conspiracy to commit indecent assault and one of false imprisonment.

Basharat Hussain, 40, from Goole, was convicted of one indecent assault.

And Naeem Rafiq, 33, of Clarendon Road, Rotherham, was convicted of one count of conspiracy to commit indecent assault and one of false imprisonment.

Sageer Hussain’s brothers (left to right) Arshid, Basharat and Bannaras were jailed earlier this year.