A woman in Pakistan has burned her daughter alive and then ran into the street proudly shouting she had killed her for misbehaving and bringing shame on the family for marrying a Pashtun.


Parveen Rafiq, tied up her daughter Zeenat, 18, while she was sleeping then poured kerosene over her and set her alight.

Mrs Rafiq then ran into the street and shouted ‘I have killed my girl for misbehaving’ for bringing shame on the family.’

The daughters crime was getting married to a man of ‘Pashtun’ background which Mrs Rafiq and family did not approve.

Haidar Ashraf, a senior police officer said: ‘Perveen killed her daughter Zeenat By burning her alive around 9:00 am on Wednesday,’

Problems arose when Zeenat told her family she wanted to marry Hassan Khan, who is of Pashtun background, while the Rafiq family is of Punjabi background.

The Rafiq family disapproved, however, Zeenat married Hassan Khan without her families permission before a court magistrates last month.

Zeenat only returned home after promises where made that she would not be harmed and the family would hold a official celebration for the marriage.


Hassan Khan, Zeenat’s husband of 11 days, said : ‘After living with me for four days following our marriage, her family contacted us and promised they would throw us a proper wedding party after eight days. Then we would be able live together.’

‘Zeenat was unwilling to go back to her home and told me that she would be killed by her family, but later agreed when one of her uncles guaranteed her safety.’

‘The day we eloped she had been abused, there was blood on her nose and on her lips,’ Hassan told CNN. ‘She was in distress; she asked me to take her away and marry her.’

‘After two days, she called me and said that her family had gone back on their word and asked me to come to get her, but I told her to wait for the promised eight days. Then, she was killed.’

When Hassan returned to pick Zeenat up he found her body thrown out ‘on the stairs.’

Police officials have said that the Parveen and other family member have confessed to the killing.

Zeenat’s sister, who was not involved in the killing, said she blamed Zeenat for going against her families wishes but preferred the family cut ties with her rather then kill her.

Shockingly this case is not rare in Pakistan as over 1000 ‘honor killings’ happen each year in the country and many go unreported in the village areas.