The heartbroken mother of a 15-year-old boy who hanged himself after being bullied at school has said she feels the education and health services “let down” her son. 


Brandon Singh Rayat was found hanged at home on August 9 this year after several attempts to take his life over the previous 18 months.

His mother, Mina Rayat, from Humberstone, Leicester, said education and health workers should have done more and did not take her son seriously enough, questioning why her son wasn’t hospitalised after his earlier attempts to kill himself.

“He was bullied at school and let down by those who should have had his welfare and best interests at heart,” she said speaking during National Bullying Week.

“He should have been hospitalised.

“When someone repeatedly tells you they want to kill themselves, isn’t that supposed to happen?”

She said he was a “perfectly normal, happy” teen until 2015 when he started refusing to go school because he was being bullied.

“He told me that there was some name calling, terrible names that I don’t want to repeat and that some people were no longer speaking to him.”

 It was around that time he made several attempts to take his own life by cutting himself with knives and trying to take an overdose on tablets.

Brandon was seen by psychiatric services at Leicester Royal Infirmary after his mother contacted her GP telling him her son wanted to die.

Mina said: “He cut himself with knives and tried to overdose on tablets.

“I begged doctors to hospitalise him because it was all too much. I told them he wanted to kill himself.

“Although Brandon received help, he was never detained.”

Things got worse after Brandon eventually returned to school and got into a fight.

“His anxiety got worse so that it became a complete phobia,” his mum said.

“He wouldn’t leave the house in case he bumped into anyone from school.

“It was excruciating seeing him go through that.


“He was lonely and isolated and extremely frustrated.

“He was on anti depressants, but the dose got higher, and each time it did, he seemed to get worse in himself.

“He told the psychiatrist he had flashbacks of hanging himself.

“Two months before Brandon killed himself he started to give away all of his possessions and money.

“He was planning to kill himself.

“My heart breaks when I think of everything that happened.”

Mina said she feels bullying needs to be taken more seriously by the education and health authorities.

“I want other people to know that bullying needs to be taken seriously, as does young people’s mental health”.

The principle at the school which Brandon attended said the school does not tolerate bullying in any form and expressed his sadness at Brandon’s death.

A full inquest into Brandon’s death is to take place in January.