The father of a man who was shot dead by police at the junction of the M62 at Ainley Top, just north of Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, has said the police shot his son in a ‘pre-planned assassination’ because of a vendetta against him


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Yassar Yaqub, 28, was shot three times by police marksmen after they surrounded a convey of cars that Mr Yaqub was travelling in on Monday evening.

In their first interview (below) since the death of their son, Mr Yaqub’s mother, Sofia, broke down in tears during the interview while his father said his son was ‘no risk’ to the public despite a gun being found.

His father also described him as a ‘kind-hearted young man’ who would ‘do anything for anybody’.

As his wife broke down in tears he said: ‘This is how we have been since the minute we were told. The family more or less doesn’t exist any more.

He went on to compare the killing of his son to that of Mark Duggan, who was shot dead by police officers in 2011 triggering wide-spread riots.

Mr Yaqub said: ‘We feel something very wrong has been done to Yassar and to our family. I do not believe he was a risk at all. The police didn’t like him, we know that. I believe he was a target and it was a pre-planned assassination’.

He said: ‘I rang his phone but there was no answer. We went to the scene and but the road was blocked. We asked an officer but he said he couldn’t tell us anything but said we should wait 20 minutes. We kept waiting and after fiver hours we were told that our son had lost his life in a shooting incident with police’.

The business man father, who is believed to own more than 100 houses in Huddersfield, also said that he was determined to find the truth and would pay privately to prosecute the officer that shot his son dead, during a vigil held for his son.

He said: ‘If it were a fight you could understand it but [it was] just bang, finished – that’s what’s killing me. Looking at the photographs, someone just running up and shooting at him in the dark.

‘How can you justify it? It is just impossible. He was driving down, he was cornered. Bearing in mind it was dark, how could you have seen what he was doing? It is not right that the police weren’t wearing body cameras.

‘Of course I want answers for what has happened. I will go privately if I have to. In the end I need to find out. My lad didn’t deserve this — I thought this is something that happens in America but not here’.

‘I am well aware of what happened with Mark Duggan and because of what was revealed first, and what the outcome was of that, it has worried me a lot,’ he said.

‘Look how many protests they had to take to get answers. If it’s a peaceful protest there’s nothing wrong with that, as long as it’s peaceful’.