A mother and her best friend have been jailed after being found guilty of child cruelty towards her five-year-old son after sellotaping him and locking him in a dark cupboard.

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The terrified boy was stripped naked and locked inside a cupboard for 10 hours as his 40-year-old mother and her 29-year-old friend went to the seaside with the boys older sisters.

They left him with only water and fruit to survive on until they returned home at 9.30pm when the young boys older sister found him lying in his own excrement.

On other occasions the boy was beaten with a metal pole, hit around the head and hit with a stiletto shoe heel in a campaign of violence towards him, Bradford Crown Court heard.

In April 2014 then violently beat him causing a deep gash to his chin and causing severe bruising to his arms and legs.

Later that year she hit him over the head with a high- heeled shoe which cut his head open and instead of taking him to the hospital they used superglue to close the wound.

The court heard how the mother and the friend had became close after the mother’s abusive husband walked out on her.

She became a regular visitor to the house and the boy became terrified of her because he would expect violence towards him every time she visited.

The young boys older sister gave evidence via video link, saying: ‘Every time she came to the house my brother was put in the cupboard.’

‘First she told him to take his clothes off and then she put him in the cupboard,’ she said.

On the occasion when the boy was attacked with a high heeled shoe the sister told the court they were getting ready to go to Mosque when the friend attacked him, she said: ‘He got a cut on his head, which started bleeding. The blood stopped when they put superglue on it.’

All of the children are now safely living with their grandparents.

The mother was found guilty of two charges of child cruelty and jailed for two-and-half years.

Her friend, who worked as an IT technician, was also found guilty of two similar charges and another two charges of unlawfully wounding the child, she has been jailed for 4 years.

Both of the woman cannot be named to protect the identity of the young boy.