A Muslim man was assaulted by a man wielding a crowbar who was out allegedly targeting Muslims.

Trainee accountant Adil Jamil, 23, was attacked as he drove back from Clapton mosque in Leyton, just after midnight.


The attacker has been described as a white male and around 40 years old.

Mr Jamil managed to drive off after the attacker smashed his windscreen, he then allegedly tried to attack a Somalian taxi driver whilst shouting racial and Islamophobic abuse before an off-duty security guard tackled him to the ground.

Mr Jamil said: “He looked at my face and for a split second I saw his eyes light up. He started to run straight at me.

“He was coming towards me brandishing this metal pole in the air in front of him, I knew I was in trouble.

“I didn’t have time to think. I turned to my friend said “He’s got a weapon”, I didn’t know what to do.”

Mr Jamil tried to speed off in his BMW but the attacker managed to smash the front windscreen, showering him in broken glass.

He later returned to the scene to learn that the man was looking for Muslims to target before he was arrested.

Mr Jamil said: “I was terrified. The whole thing replays in my mind over and over.

“I’m glad nobody was hurt this is the time where everyone comes out of the nearby mosques, there were loads of people around.

“Since Brexit there seems to be a rise in these attacks and people need to look out for each other no matter who it is.”

According to the National Police Chiefs Council, reports of hate crimes have dramatically increased by 57% since the Brexit vote.

Shahid Malik, chairman of monitoring group Tell Mama, said: “With the backdrop of the Brexit vote and the spike in racist incidents that seems to be emerging, the Government should be under no illusions: things could quickly become extremely unpleasant for Britain’s minorities.”

A Met spokesman confirmed that a man had been arrested at around 12:45am for ‘possibly possessing an offensive weapon.’