New footage emerged of the shooting of a pregnant dancer, Kulwinder Kaur, who was shot dead on stage in front of horrified guests for allegedly refusing to dance with male guests at a wedding.


Four people were arrested for the murder of the 25-year-old after the shocking footage of the shotgun attack was posted online and went viral.

It later emerged that Kaur was three months pregnant when she was killed.

Her husband, Rajinder Singh, said a few drunk men had tried to get onto the stage so they could dance with the girls but were refused by stage management.

He said: ‘They had been asking her to get off the stage and join them… but she refused… so they shot her.’

She was taken to hospital after the incident on Saturday night but was pronounced dead a short while later.

Others had claimed the woman was accidentally shot after celebratory firing by guests, a custom were guests fire shots into the air to celebrate the wedding.

The new footage shows a man facing away from the stage while attempting to fire a shot in the air.

As the man tries to fire the shot he loses control of the gun as the bullet is released.

The video seems to callobrate with guests at the wedding who said the shooting was a tragic accident.