Maria Sadaqat, 19, was beaten to death and then covered in petrol by a group of men who then set her on fire because she refused a marriage proposal.


She suffered 85 per cent burns in the attack and was taken to hospital but doctors were not able to save her life, she died from her injuries on Wednesday.

Maria had worked as a Schoolteacher run by the family of those who are now suspected of killing her.

Ms Sadaqat’s aunt, Aasia, told the BBC that the owner of the school Maria had worked at wanted her to marry his son, and when she refused they felt she had disrespected them.

“They sent in the proposal six months ago but the guy had already been married and had a daughter,” she said.

“They wanted her to run the school after marrying the son of the owner of the school.

“Her father refused the proposal and they took the revenge by doing this.”

Another family member of Maria said, that she had been severely tortured and beaten before they set her on fire.
Maria was able to give a statement to the police, naming the school principle and her four attackers before she sadly passed away.

Last year in November another girl, Sonia Bibi, was also burned to death after refusing a marriage proposal.

People across Pakistan and outside of Pakistan have been outraged by this latest attack and are calling for a change into the way police handle reports of cases like this.

Muree Police have said three people have been arrested in connection with the killing, and police have issues an arrest warrant for a fourth man.

In 2015 alone there were over 70 cases of woman being set on fire according to a recent report that was carried out.