Two men from Halifax have been jailed after they laundered £1.25 million through PayPal accounts and had a stash of stolen goods which police described as Aladdin’s cave.


Naveed Zaman was initially arrested in March 2012 and was found in possession of over £10,000 in cash, a further search of his house at the time resulted in another £65,000 cash being seized.

This then led to a four-year investigation by Calderdale Police Proceeds of Crime Team which uncovered a sophisticated operation led by Aamer Ali which sold stolen electronics and counterfeit goods on the internet site Ebay.

To avoid detection, Mr Zaman and his lifelong friend, Aamer Ali, recruited other people to so they could use their Ebay and PayPal accounts to trade items on a grand scale.

Most of the stolen items were stolen from curtain side thefts from lorries all over England.

Ali was caught red-handed trying to load the stolen goods onto a lorry at his office premises that he had rented were police found an ‘Aladdin’s cave’ of stolen and counterfeit items from computer monitors, five hundred Sony PlayStation Dual Shock controllers, over 300 Nintendo DS games consoles to hundreds of bottles of perfume.

Detectives say that £1.25 million was laundered through PayPal accounts used in the plot that involved the sale of at least £460,000 of stolen items.

Zaman also wrote a letter to Ali in which he mentioned “hitting the game hard” when they set up their new criminal enterprise.

Ali, 32, and Naveed Zaman, 30, were convicted of conspiracy to handle stolen goods and money laundering offences after a five-week trial at Bradford Crown Court and jailed for nine years each.

DC Tony Chapman, of Calderdale Proceeds of Crime Team said: “Zaman and Ali were the masterminds behind this professional and sophisticated scheme, recruiting others who could be trusted in order to keep their own identity anonymous.’

Calderdale Proceeds of Crime Team will now be pursuing the pair in confiscation proceedings