Pakistan authorities have issued an arrest warrant for the British mother and sister of Samia Shahid who was allegedly murdered by her husband in Pakistan.

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Imtiaz Bibi and daughter Madiha Shahid, both from Bradford, West Yorkshire, now face extradition to Pakistan on claims they abetted the murder but are believed to have gone into hiding within their home city of Bradford.

The pair was allegedly allowed to flee Pakistan and return to the UK after the murder because of a corrupt police officer who ignored orders to seize their passports.

A neighbour of the family said: ‘They’ve shut up shop here and gone. It’s all very sudden and strange’.

28-year-old Samia Shahid was allegedly raped and strangled with a scarf after being lured to Pakistan by her family because she left her husband and remarried.

Court papers claim that it was her mother and sister who lured her to Pakistan in a ‘devious plan’ by telling her that her father was dying.

Her first husband Chaudhry Muhammad Shakeel is accused of her murder while her father Chaudhry Muhammad Shahid is being held as a suspected accessory.

Both appeared in court today in Jhelum and the case has been adjourned until November 11.

Prosecutors have said that they will be asking for the death penalty if they are convicted.

MP Naz Shah said earlier today that since Britain has no extradition treaty with Pakistan the procedure to find and question the mother and daughter could take some time.

She added: ‘People have sighted mother and sister in the community recently so we believe they’re still living nearby but not at the family home. It appears to be on lock down.

‘I’ve never met them so don’t even know what they look like. We’re not even aware if the police even know their whereabouts.’