Pakistani teenager goes viral after recording himself popping his eye balls out over 10mm

A teenager from Pakistan has gone viral on the internet after he filmed himself popping his eye balls out from the socket by a shocking 10mm.


14-year-old, Ahmed Khan, came close to breaking the record currently held by Kim Goodman since 2004.

Goodman was included by Guinness World Records in their 50th anniversary list of top ten “feats” of all time and has held the record for over 12 years but the eye-popping teen from Pakistan claims he can ‘break her record any time.’

Khan discovered his eye-popping abilities accidentally after touching his eye-ball.  (video below)

He said: ‘Last year, I was doing something and I touched my eye and the eyeball popped out,’

‘I thought I had damaged my eye or something but realised it did not cause any harm to my eye.

‘I tried popping the other eye out and I was successful. This seemed fun and after trying a couple of times I got used to it.’

Since recording the video and uploading it on social media sites the teen has become an instant hit and has been interviewed by TV shows and featured on newspapers.

But many kids from Khan’s school have been left frightened with his rare ability.

‘Many younger kids in school run away when they see me. They are scared of my eye-popping,’ he said.

‘Even the girls in school get scared. They think that my eyes will fall out into my hands or something.’

He is now looking to break the record currently held by an American girl.

‘Once I had mastered the art of popping eyeballs at will, I was told by my friends about Guinness Book of World Records. That day it became my aim to break the record,’ he said.

He said: ‘My eye popping is way better than the American woman who owns the record and I can break her record anytime.’

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