A video showing a topless woman in Islamabad, Pakistan, following a male into an ATM and demanding 50,000 rupees has gone viral, being viewed over 20 million times.

It is alleged that the woman followed the man into a room where an ATM machine was installed and demanded the money from the man and when he refused she tore of her top and claimed he tried to rape her.


She then followed him to his vehicle and continued to shout abuse at him and tell baffled bystanders that the man had tried to sexually assault her.

Another man who was watching the scene that was unfolding tried to give the woman something to wear but she refused and continued to throw stones at the vehicle.

It is then alleged that another male, who is thought to be an accomplice of the woman, approached the male who was being abused by the woman and asked for the keys to the Mercedes, claiming he was a manager at a shop nearby, so that he could park the car somewhere else to stop damage being done to it.

The victim agreed and handed over his keys to the man, he then drove away from the location and disappeared with the car.

Once the woman saw her accomplice drive away she swiftly crossed the road and jumped in a waiting taxi and made an escape.

According to unconfirmed reports the woman could have been a transgender female.

Over the last week the words ‘naked girl Islamabad’ has become Pakistan’s number one searched for term.

The video has been blurred to avoid anyone being offended.