Police in Pakistan have said that the latest forensic report results have confirmed that Samia Shahid did not die from natural causes and her death was a result of being strangled.


The chief inspector in charge of the case, Abubakar Khuda Bakhsh, said: ‘The forensic report has been received by a three-member special investigation committee set up by chief minister Punjab and according to it Samia Shahid’s death occurred due to asphyxia’.

A doctor involved in the autopsy said the injuries she sustained were consistent with a murder.

He said: ‘Cause of death looks like strangulation of the neck with a narrow rope-like object’.

Her father, Mohammed Shahid, and her first husband, Mohammed Shakeel have both been arrested on suspicion of murder.

Pakistan Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan has said that he has been asked to exhume the body saying: ‘I have been told to apply for permission to exhume her body. I will do that if necessary.’

Samia Shahid was initially buried and police had said that her death was due to natural causes before her husband, Syed Mukhtar Kazam, rushed to Pakistan to find out the truth.

He claimed that her family was not happy with her marrying another man and wanted her to stay with her first husband, who she had married in Pakistan but later divorced although her family claim the divorce never happened.

Kazam also released autopsy photos which showed bruising and redness on the neck of Shahid which led Pakistani police to perform a u-turn on their initial claim she died of natural causes.

Bradford MP Naz Shah also got involved in the case and claimed that the Pakistani police were involved in a potential cover up and urged them to exhume the body for a second independent autopsy to be carried out.

She said today: ‘We’re actually very pleasantly surprised at the way the Pakistan authorities have responded to this and the urgency that they’ve placed on this investigation, which is quite impressive.

‘The communication, to say we’re so far apart, has been pretty good.’

Shahid’s family in Pakistan have today claimed that the bruising could have been caused by ‘hair clip’ and strongly deny the claims of an honour killing.

But the confirmation by Pakistani police that autopsy results showed the cause of death as asphyxia and the opening of a murder investigation now brings hope to Shahid’s husband to find out the truth and bring justice to those who committed the murder.