A delivery driver for Pizza Hut was killed with one punch after being ambushed by two men who had ordered a £50 takeaway order and had no intentions of paying, a court heard.


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Ali Qasemi, 45, was left to die in the street after the two men who had been out drinking Lager at a party.

After the murder the men returned to the party to hand out the stolen delivery order.

Father of two, Mr Qasemi, whose wife was expecting a third child, died from injuries sustained during the attack two days later on Sunday 8 May.

One of the attackers, Joel Lawson, 25, of Norwich, Norfolk, admitted to manslaughter and robbery while the second defendant, Mark Lintott, 29, of Peterborough, denies all charges and is on trial at Peterborough Crown Court.

Prosecutor Gregory Perrins said it was Lawson who punched Mr Qasemi causing him to fall to the ground and bang his head

Mr Perrins said: “On the night in question this defendant, Mark Lintott and Joel Lawson were drinking with friends at Mark Lintott’s flat in Peterborough when they decided to call for a takeaway pizza.

“It is the prosecution’s case they never intended to pay for it when it arrived.”

Mr Perrins said that the callous robbers had planned to use force or the threat of force to try to “snatch and grab” the pizzas without paying.

The court heard that Lintott had given Pizza Hut a fake address further down the same street to Lintott’s flat so that they wouldn’t get caught.

Mr Qasemi, who had started his shift that day at 7pm, arrived to deliver the pizza’s to the men at around 12.50.

After not being able to find the address he phoned Lintott to explain to him that the address did not exist. The two men then left the party to meet Mr Qasemi.

The court heard it was at that point the men quietly approached him from behind at which point Lawson hit him.

Mr Perrins said: “Once outside Mr Lawson punched Mr Qasemi probably once, causing him to fall to the ground and hit his head.

“They collected the pizzas and brought them inside to their friends where they continued to party.

“Outside he (Mr Qasemi) lay dying.”

A passerby called for an ambulance after spotting Mr Qasemi unconscious on the ground near his car almost 15 minutes after the attack.

Mr Qasemi sustained serious injuries including a fractured skull, a broken cheekbone which led to a torn artery in his head and he also sustained brain damage caused by swelling of the brain.

Mr Perrins said: “They were both party to an agreement to rob him and during that robbery he tragically died. We believe they are both responsible for manslaughter.”

Mr Qasemi’s widow Fawzia had to get up and leave the court when Mr Perrins began to describe the tragic events.

At the time of her husband’s death, Mrs Qasemi said: “My husband was my everything: my best friend, my soul mate, my life partner and an amazing father.