Police have appealed for witnesses to come forward and asked for those involved in the disturbing street violence, which occurred straight after Jummah prayers in Bradford, to hand themselves in.


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Video footage which went viral on Facebook showed a male throw something at a vehicle and then run off while the occupants of the vehicle chased him into a takeaway in front of dozens of people who had been returning home from Jummah Prayers.

One of the men then smashes the shop door and windows with a hammer.

The men then turned their attention to a BMW which was parked up and attacked it causing thousands of pounds worth of damage.

Madni Jamia Masjid mosque, in Thornbury Road, released a statement on their Facebook page saying: ‘As you may, or may not be aware, a group of mindless yobs carried out acts of senseless thuggery, causing thousands of pounds worth of damage to a motor vehicle, as well the shop front of Killinghall Fisheries, after Jummah.’

‘First and foremost, these acts are condemned in their entirety not only by Madni Jamia Masjid, but our community as a whole. The thugs who were involved in the events of yesterday do not represent our community, our peaceful religion, nor humanity – the savagery of their actions was clear for all to see.’

‘There was a complete lack of respect for others’ property, a lack of respect for people trying to make a decent, honest living at Killinghall Fisheries, and more than that, a complete disregard for everyone around them – elders who had just finished their prayers and would have been frightened (I know my father was), youngsters, and the general public passing by on what is a very busy arterial road.’

‘Secondly, we as Muslims, complain that we are targeted unfairly and that Islamophobia is on the rise (true), but when such despicable occurrences take place, is it any surprise that we are in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons?

‘Finally, regardless of the circumstances responsible for those heinous acts, the perpetrators are not a part of our peace-loving and close-knit community. So, if anyone is aware of those responsible for the thuggery which blighted the area on Friday, please stand up and be counted.’

Detective Inspector Alan Weekes of Bradford CID added: ‘We are grateful for the support of the local community and the information that they have provided.’

‘We are still keen to hear from anyone else who saw the incident on Friday. I urge those involved in the disorder to hand themselves in at their local police station. This sort of behaviour will not be tolerated and we are determined to bring those responsible to justice.’

Source – The Telegraph & Argus