Police in Pakistan have now launched a murder investigation after police chief Jehlum Mujahid Akbar admitted the death of Samia, from Bradford, was ‘not due to natural causes’.


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Police have arrested her father, Mohammed Shahid, and her ex-husband, Mohammed Shakeel who had gone on the run but was caught yesterday. Another family member named Mobeen has also been arrested.

Samia Shahid, 28, died last week after visiting her family in Pakistan who were not happy with her second marriage to a man outside of the family and instead sort things out with her ex-husband who lives in Pakistan and bring him to the UK.

Her family reportedly said she died from a heart attack or asthma attack last week and swiftly buried her on the same day in the village graveyard but an initial post-mortem examination did not give a cause of death.

Detectives also initially said she had died of a heart attack and was buried the next day but her current husband flew to Pakistan to demand an independent autopsy.

The body will now be exhumed for a second independent autopsy over the coming days. 

It has also been claimed by media in Pakistan that her body was found at the bottom of some stairs.

She had married her first husband, Mohammed Shakeel, in 2012 and left him later that year which caused a division in the family.

She then married Syed Mukhtar Kazam in 2014, without divorcing her first husband, against her families wishes and has since had minimal contact with some of her family members.

She was encouraged to travel to Pakistan earlier this month by family members because one of her aunts had died, but she decided not to travel to the country.

Her husband then claimed her family encouraged her once again to visit another relative who was gravely ill and this time she flew out to Islamabad on 14 July.

He then claims he received a phone call the day his wife was due to travel back to the UK informing him that she had died due to a heart attack.

The news of the Pakistani police launching a murder investigation came as two arrests were made in the UK of Samia’s family members who allegedly sent threats to kill local Bradford MP, Naz Shah.

MP Naz Shah has written a letter to the prime minister of Pakistan, Nawaz Sharif, urging him to look into the case and demanding that Pakistani authorities exhume her body so an independent autopsy can be performed.

It also emerged today that Samia had complained to police of harassment from family members because of her choice to get married again.