Prison bosses have vowed to crack down on the smuggling of phones into prison after a shocking Islamophobic video recorded and sent out from Forest Gate prison.


The video which is too offensive to post shows four prisoners with their faces covered mocking Islam and the Prophet by performing crude acts.

The video starts off with one of the prisoners, believed to be a convicted murderer, saying: ‘This is a recording to end the debate into how halal sausage came to be.’

The second man who is wearing traditional Asian clothing pretends to be the Prophet while the other inmates perform crude acts on him.

The video was filmed inside HMP Forest Bank using a smart phone and shared online and on WhatsApp and has since been seen by thousands of people.

Many people have taken to social media to express their anger at the video with one person saying: “Why hasn’t anything been done about this you can clearly see their faces so won’t be hard for prison staff to find out who they are.”

Another person posted: “This is racist and Islamophobic but nothing will be done about it.”

The prison has said they are now investigating the video and have vowed to take action against the offenders.