A restaurant at the center of allegations of selling ‘non-halal’ meat to its customers was damaged in a fire over the weekend.


The blaze happened at the Afghani Cuisine restaurant and take away on Leeds road at about 3.30am Sunday morning.

The restaurant had been falsely accused earlier in the week of purchasing and selling non-halal meat to unsuspecting customers in a video which went viral on the Facebook page ‘Spotted: Things brown people do’, and was viewed more than 200,000 times.

The video allegedly showed non-halal meat being purchased by staff of the restaurant from the back of a van and loaded into a boot of a car before being taken to the restaurant.

Many people questioned the restaurant about the video including one person who wrote: ‘What I can’t figure out is why ur meat supplier is supplying to you in a quiet street, I would expect a legitimate halal meat provider to come to your premises rather than to sneak the meat quickly and bundle in the back of your car.’

The owner, Wali Khan, after several threats and stones being thrown at the windows released a statement via social media, saying:

‘Thank you to everyone who have been messaging and asking for a response’

‘We sell 100% halal meat, No pork is involved in our products’

‘Here is the certificate to prove that the meat which is used to make our kobedas is halal’


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Mr Khan also said: ‘We at this time are very upset and angry’

‘What has happened is very wrong…. we were earning a halal income and here comes the page with a video.’

‘We contacted the page and told them why the meat was purchased that way… but the damage was already done.’

‘We are family men who were working hard to provide for our familes.’

The Facebook page which uploaded the video has since deactivated.

No injuries were caused during the fire but according to firefighters the building was left 100 per cent damaged.

A police cordon remains around the restaurant while investigating officers work to find out the cause of the blaze.