Staff at a barber shop in Luton were violently attacked with baseball bats after asking a gang of Romanians to not stand outside the shop and drink so customers could come in.


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One of the staff members was taken to hospital with serious injuries while other staff at the barber shop suffered minor wounds after the attack.

Mohammad Abbas Khan, owner of the Five Star Barbers in Luton, said one of the men received a head injury and as a result he is unable to move his arm.

He said that he asked the group to move away from the building so customers could enter the shop which led to a heated exchange between him and one of the drunk men which then led to them pushing each other.

He then claims the men fled but returned minutes later with baseball bats and sticks and started to assault him and his staff.

He said: ‘All of us got hurt, my next-door neighbour got hurt quite badly. They just kept hitting him over the back and shoulder and now he still can’t move his arm.’

‘One of my staff had to go to hospital, he was hurt very badly.’

‘I have a very strong feeling they will come back. Sometimes I work until 10pm or 11pm and if I am all on my own, what could I do to protect myself,’

He also said that numerous meetings have been set up with police and the local council over the increasing gang related problems in the area but nothing has been done.

Mr Khan said: ‘It’s been over a year now and it’s just getting worse and worse. I’ve contacted the police and the council several times, we’ve had so many meetings but they don’t listen.

‘Every day they park in the car park, they sit on the wall, they drink, they smoke, they cause problems – I have to look at this outside my shop every single day.

‘I am working hard every day but they never work and just cause problems. It has even made some people scared to come into my shop because they hang around there.

‘Some of my Muslim clients don’t wait to come in because there are women and children who need haircuts, but the Romanians are very intimidating.

‘I am here to make a living, not to make trouble.’

A police spokesman said: ‘Police were called at approximately 7.20pm to reports of a fight taking place between a group of men near to 5 Star Barbers.

‘A number of people sustained minor injuries in the altercation and there was also criminal damage sustained to the barbers.’