Safraz Ahmed has been jailed for keeping his wife as a slave in what has been described as a ‘ground breaking’ case.

Safraz Ahmed, 34, forced his wife, who he had married in Pakistan, to do the household chores and if she did not he would beat her and threaten to kill her.

Safraz Ahmed

Ahmed wife, Samara Iram, was imprisoned, beaten and forced to carry out chores from 5am until midnight each day.

He has been jailed for two years after he admitted conspiracy to hold a person in domestic servitude and a further eight months for assault causing actual bodily harm.

He becomes the first person in the UK to be convicted of holding his wife in domestic slavery.

The abuse began in 2012 after Ahmed brought his wife to the UK after marrying her in Pakistan in 2006. A wedding ceremony was also held in the UK in 2012

After the wedding ceremony had concluded, Ms Iram asked her husband for sex to which Ahmed had a bad reaction to.

Prosecutor Carline Haughey, told Woolwich Crown Court: ‘His reaction was to slap her across the face, pull her hair and push her and called her a whore and a bitch and a shameless person.’

He would also send her abusive text messages after she would text him calling him ‘hubby’.

The court heard he replied with: “Stop calling me hubby. You p*** me off.’


Miss Haughey described one of the incidents when Ahmed attacked Ms Iram.

She said: ‘Police were called to the family address by a next door neighbour. They saw her standing in the street in clothing inappropriate for the time of year.’

‘She was dragged back in the house by her hair.’

‘She had a black eye resulting from damage to her nose. The doctors said it was more serious than a fracture and she required surgery.’

While this attack was taking place a neighbour heard Ahmed shouting “I’m going to kill you. I’m going to f***ing kill you”.

The court also heard that as a result of this attack, Ms Iram took an overdose on August 17, 2014 and Ahmed told her ‘It doesn’t make any difference to him watching her die.’

The next day she called the police and told them she was imprisoned in her own home and they took her to a woman’s refuge.

The court heard an extract from Ms Irams statement in which she said: “I was a fun-loving, athletic and free-thinking and confident girl.

“Those qualities were beaten out of me systematically. It felt the only purpose of my life was to serve these people.”

But Judge Hehir said told Ahmed at the sentencing: “It has been suggested to an extent you felt trapped in a marriage which was a mismatch and you lashed out as a result.

“If you were frustrated the thing to do was to seek a dissolution of the marriage not to resort to making your wife a skivvy.”

Judge Hehir ordered that Ahmed serve eight months imprisonment for ABH and a further two years for domestic servitude.

Ahmed’s mother, brother and sister-in-law were cleared of the same charge after no evidence was put forward for them.