The officer in charge of the investigation into the death of a Bradford woman, Samia Shahid, has said that she was raped before she was killed in a so-called honour killing.


The inquiry team said they matched Shakeel Ahmed’s DNA to semen collected from Shahid’s corpse, which suggested that she had been raped.

This news comes as a local policeman who first investigated the killing has been arrested on suspicion of suppressing evidence, taking bribes, and allowing key suspects to flee the country.

Several of Shahid’s family members are accused of conspiring to lure her into Pakistan to be murdered under the pretext that her father or aunty were gravely ill, but those family members were allowed to leave the country.

The police are seeking the return of Shahid’s mother and sister to Pakistan for questioning after they were allowed to leave the country shortly after the murder despite ‘clear instructions’ not to let them go.

The new officer in charge of the special team set up to investigate the murder, Abubakar Khuda Bakhsh, said Aqeel Abbas, the station house officer of Mangla police station, was detained on “hard evidence of obstructing justice”.

“He helped people escape the country who were wanted in the case of Samia despite clear instructions, he let them go.”

Abbas had initially claimed there were no signs of physical injury on Shahid’s body but it was later discovered from a leaked autopsy report and photo’s of her corpse that she had clear bruising around her neck.

Officer Bakhsh said: “From physical signs, it was clear she was strangled,”

“A person like [Abbas], with 20 years’ service, must have known that. He was playing it down.”

Another police officer said that it is also believed that Abbas had accepted a bribe of 500,000 rupees (£3,600) from Shahid’s first husband, Shakeel Ahmed, and allowed him to leave police custody only to return after acquiring  “pre-arrest bail”, a legal move that hindered the police investigation.

Shakeel Ahmed is accused of murder and is reported to have confessed to strangling her with her scarf, according to local police.

Chaudhry Muhammad Shahid, her father, is being held as an accessory to her murder and police seeking to return her mother and sister back to Pakistan for questioning.