Police sources in Pakistan have confirmed that Samia Shahid’s first husband has confessed to her murder.


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Her first husband, Chaudhry Shakeel, allegedly told police: “I strangled Samia to death using a dupatta,”

Choudhry Shakeel, and Samia’s father, Mohammed Shahid, have both appeared in court today and were remanded for an initial four days.

Choudhry Shakeel is being held under suspicion of murder while the father Mohammed Shahid is being held as an accessory to murder.

Sources close to Jhelum police also added that the third suspect, Chaudhry Mubeen, who is a relative of Samia, is innocent.

Samia Shahid was initially buried and police had said that her death was due to natural causes before her husband, Syed Mukhtar Kazam, rushed to Pakistan to find out the truth.

He claimed that her family was not happy with her marrying another man and wanted her to stay with her first husband, who she had married in Pakistan but later divorced although her family claim the divorce never happened.

Kazam also released autopsy photos which showed bruising and redness on the neck of Shahid which led Pakistani police to perform a u-turn on their initial claim she died of natural causes.

A postmortem report on July 28 declared the victim’s neck had a 9 cm long and 5 cm wide wound. Before she died her nose and mouth had bled. The cause of her death was not a heart attack in fact she was choked to death.