Azeem Mahmood Hussain, set up a sophisticated fraud from his bedroom using fake templates and forged documents to sell fake insurance policies to unsuspecting customers on Gumtree, who were then left driving without insurance.


His scam first came to light in July 2013 when a driver was stopped by police in Northern Ireland. Checks done at the time revealed that the driver was uninsured but the driver was adamant that he was infact insured, telling police he had paid £200 into a bank account for a Gumtree advertised policy.

In September of the same year another victim who had paid £1000 for what he thought was a genuine car insurance policy from Gumtree, attended a police station in Leicestershire to report that he had been defrauded

Teams from three police forces then worked together to try and uncover the scam that the schoolboy mastermind was behind.

The case was eventually passed onto the Insurance Fraud Enforcement Department, who are part of the city of London Police, who then identified the account being used to process the money from the scam, belonged to Hussain.

Officers then arrested Hussain and found over 100 templates and forged documents on his laptop, his phone number also matched the number being used to place ads on Gumtree.

Police also found that more than £14,000 had been paid into one of his accounts, with a further £2250 being paid into another account owned by Hussain.

Detective Sergeant Matt Hussey, from the Insurance Fraud Enforcement Department, said: “Hussain is one of the youngest ever people we’ve dealt with for insurance fraud and this was a crude attempt by him to make some fast cash from his bedroom.

“He was advertising cheap motor insurance deals on Gumtree and sadly he was able to con some people into thinking he was a genuine broker.

“Gumtree has since removed the insurance category from its website so that unscrupulous individuals like Hussain are no longer able to operate on there.

Hussain previously pleaded guilty to fraud by false representation and was this month jailed for 12 months at Wolverhampton Crown Court.