A British Asian schoolgirl who left her home in Bethnal Green to join the so-called Islamic State (IS) is believed to have been killed in an airstrike on her house in Raqqa.


Kadiza Sultana, 17, and two other teenage girls, Amira Base and Shamima Begum, both 15 at the time, traveled to the Middle East early in 2015 leaving their A-Level courses and their families to marry fighters in Syria.

It is believed that she was killed in May after Russain fighter planes dropped a bomb which is now believed to have hit the house she was living in.

Her family has claimed that she wanted to get out of Syria and come back to the UK and were hoping to get her across the border into Turkey.

All three girls were allegedly married to other fighters in IS with Kadiza being married to an American national of Somali origin who is believed to have been killed last year.

Kadiza’s sister, Halima Khanom, spoke to ITV news and released some of the phone recordings that she had with her sister in which Kadiza said: ‘I don’t have a good feeling. I feel scared.’

‘You know the borders are closed right now, so how am I going to get out?’

Her sister asked during the phone call how confident she was that she will be able to get out to which she replied: ‘zero.’

Her family was informed that Kadiza was dead by other people living in Raqqa and her sister said: “We were expecting this in a way. But at least we know she is in a better place.

“We do not wish her name to come up in the headlines again… She is gone and we would like to respect her wishes.”