One of Scotland’s most notorious gangsters and convicted murderer, Imran Shahid, has been given an extra year and eight months in jail after beating another man.


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Imran ‘Baldy’ Shahid, 39, hit his victim nine times over the head and body with a metal pole he had equipped himself with from the prison gym.

Shahid claims he dished out the punishment after hearing of a plot to attack him inside Perth prison.

He was caught on prison CCTV  leaving his cell with the metal pole before violently attacking a fellow inmate.

He claimed that time he had spent in forced segregation had made him paranoid and unable to socialise with anyone.

Sheriff William Wood said: “Assault with a weapon is always taken seriously and striking someone on the head with a metal bar will inevitably attract a prison sentence.”

Sue Ruta told Perth Sheriff Court: “The incident was captured in full by CCTV. He grabbed his victim’s arm and repeatedly hit him full force with overhead blows nine times, then gets him against the wall.

“They saw him repeatedly strike Mr Sandeman full force with overarm strikes to his head and body. Along with other officers, she intervened and pulled them apart. Shahid threw the metal pole into a bin and walked off.”

He admitted having an offensive weapon and using it to attack the victim and was given an extra one year and eight months on top of his current life sentence he is already serving.

He was given a life sentence for the cold blooded murder of 15 year old Kriss Donald, on March 15, 2004.

Shahid and his friends picked out Kriss, who was a complete stranger to them, and bundled him into a car and then drove around while repeatedly stabbing him up to 13 times. They then doused him in petrol and set him on fire while he was still alive.

Shahid became a victim of a brutal revenge attack himself as he was battered over the head with a 15kg weight by convicted murderer William Crawford and 15 other prisoners in the gym at Kilmarnock prison in 2013.