Seven-year-olds bedroom searched for firearms because he made ‘silly’ gun comment in school

Police swooped in on a family home looking for weapons after their seven-year-old son jokingly told his friend in school he had seen a gun on a recent trip to Pakistan.

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Rizwan Munawar, 37, said he was left “embarrassed” and “ashamed” after the police raid on his home after his seven-year-old son made the ‘flippant and silly’ comment at while bragging to his classmates at  Landau Forte Academy Moorhead, in Alvaston, Derby.

The remark was overheard by a teacher at the school who quickly passed the information onto the police who searched every room looking for firearms but found nothing.

Dad Rizwan Munawar, 37, said: “I could not believe it. We visited Pakistan in October and, at no point, were there any guns.

“Why on earth did the school tell the police about a silly comment. He’s only seven-years-old.

“Why would they take it seriously? It was a flippant and silly comment. I got a call from my wife urging me to come home.

“She said police had searched the home and were looking for a gun. They searched everywhere.

“My child’s bedroom was looked at, his toys and clothes were searched. They went through mine and my wife’s underwear drawers and our clothes in our wardrobes.

“They also went in the loft and the garden.

Chief Inspector Jonathon Clark of Derbyshire police said: “On Wednesday, our officers visited a house on Uppermoor Road, Allenton and spoke with the occupants. This was in relation to some information we had been given that there may be a firearm at the address.

“After a discussion and with agreement of the occupant, a search was made of the house and no firearms were found.We have to treat information about firearms in any of our communities seriously and this inquiry was dealt with fairly and proportionately by local officers. No firearms or other specialist officers were involved.”

A spokesman for Landau Forte Academy Moorhead said: “Under government guidance schools have a responsibility to act on concerning information, such as that involving weapons, that could pose a risk to the well being of their pupils. Our primary aim to is to keep children safe, regardless of background, and we follow this guidance to the letter.

“Once we have reported a concern, it is entirely up to partners such as Derby City Council and the police to make a decision on whether to take further action.”

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