Shocking footage which shows two Asian prisoners at Forest Bank Prison being threatened and beaten by a man calling himself ‘Rambo’ who falsely accuses them of being terrorists has been circulated on social media.

forstbank prison rambojk

The video (below) in which the man threatens to ‘skin’ his two Asian victims was allegedly shot last month at Salford’s privately-run Forest Bank prison.

In the footage the man can be seen dressed as a Vietnam war veteran and can be heard saying his targets have ‘fallen behind enemy lines’.

During the video a man with a Liverpool accent armed with a knife introduces himself as ‘John J F*****g Rambo’.

He then waves the makeshift blade at the camera and sends a warning: ‘Brown man down. This is what happens when you fall behind enemy f*****g lines.’

He can then be seen pointing the knife towards the unknown Asian mans face and asks him ‘Where you from? Where you from? You’re f*****g ISIS aren’t you?… Tie him up. F*****g tie him up.’

The victims hands are then tied together as ‘Rambo’ continues to ask ‘You f*****g dirty b*****d. Where are you from?.’

He then directs his attention to a second Asian man laying on a bunk and says: “To you, you p****. Put your hands out.”

The second victims hands are also tied at this point while ‘Rambo’ shouts ‘f*****g skin them’.

Prison bosses have no opened an investigation after the footage was forwarded to them by Manchester Evening News.

An HMP Forest Bank spokesperson said: “We take the security of the prison very seriously. We are investigating this incident and it would be inappropriate to comment further at this stage.”