A shop owner who became the target of a drug addict brandishing a seven-inch blade in a bizarre attempted robbery calmly told him he would have to wait as she was having a cup of tea.


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Drug addict Stuart Gleeson hung around the Sangha newsagents in Beverley Road, Hull, for several minutes before entering and demanding cash from the till.

But the unflustered owner, Karamjit Sangha, told him that he would have to wait because she was having a cup of tea.

She then pulled out a craft knife and waved it at him, causing the bewildered crook to run away.

Mrs Sangha said: “I was just sitting there having my cup of tea when he came in holding this seven-inch kitchen knife.

“He told me to give him all the money but I was relaxed. I told him I was having a cup of tea. He demanded I put it down and give him the money.

“I said ‘OK’ and picked up the craft knife and waved it at him. I wouldn’t have hurt him but it was enough to scare him. He started shaking and then he ran off.”

CCTV captured the moments before and after the failed robbery attempt and Gleeson was eventually tracked down by police.

In another bizarre twist Gleeson, 35, admitted that the pictures captured on the CCTV before the robbery was him but denied that the pictures taken after the robbery were him.

But Patrick Palmer, prosecuting told the jury: “It would be a truly astonishing case if there were two men with the same build, same hair and same clothing on that part of Beverley Road at the same time.

“There is more chance of us all winning the National Lottery this weekend. A coincident like this could not possibly happen.”

The jury at Hull Crown Court only took a few hours to find Gleeson guilty of attempted robbery and possession of a knife. He was jailed for four-and-a-half year.

Mrs Sangha remained unphased after her ordeal, saying: “Something like this has never happened to me before. But people shouldn’t feel sorry for me, they should feel sorry for him. He just got scared and that was it.

“It haven’t put me off my job and it hasn’t had any lasting effect on me. You just have to get on with it.”

“This sentence is fantastic. The police were really good and they managed to gather a lot of evidence.