Sbah Ahmed has said her sister is languishing in prison with crackheads and violent criminals and her sisters life is in ruins after she she received a three month sentence for lying to the police over a speeding fine.


Sbah Ahmed has said her sister told a ‘lie that spiralled out of control’ and her life is ‘in ruins’ after receiving a three month jail sentence for lying to the police.

She had been flashed twice in under five minutes driving her BMW at 39mph and 40mph in a 30mph zone last year July 30.

Ayesha Ahmed, 27, had initially told police that someone else was driving her vehicle at the time it was clocked over the speeding limit and then payed £450 to a ‘Mr Fixit’ who claimed he could use a ‘legal loophole’ to get her off.

But Ayesha Ahmed was jailed for three months after a police investigation found that the same address had been used for eight other speeding offences.

Sbah Ahmed said the punishment was too severe as she was “languishing in prison with crackheads and violent criminals”.

Sbah, 37, also said: “She made a terrible mistake and regrets what she’s done.

“The jail sentence is punishment enough – she doesn’t deserve to have her life ruined because of this stupid mistake.

“She acknowledges that she was stupid and shouldn’t have undertaken that course of action.

“But she had no criminal history – it was her first offence.

“I don’t know how she heard of this person.

“She thought he was a motoring legal expert who could perhaps find a loophole.”

The Coventry University graduates lie was rumbled when police became suspicious after she had previously said she had been followed at the time of the incident and was worried but later saying she was not driving the vehicle. Her claim she was being followed was also disproved in court after footage of the offence showed she was not being followed.

She denied perverting the course of justice at Wolverhampton Crown Court but was found guilt of the charge after a trial.

Sbah Ahmed said: “She’s terribly ashamed.

“The point of the sentence is to deter others, not to shame her and destroy her life.

“She’s made a stupid error which she regrets.

“It was a lie that spiralled out of control.

“She didn’t tell anyone – we would have advised her not to take this course of action.

“But she’s not a murderer or a rapist.

“Having her picture all over the internet seems a bit disproportionate to the crime.

“I don’t know why she did what she did, her life is ruined.

“She made a mistake and thought she could get away with it.

“Now she’s languishing in prison with crackheads and violent criminals.”

Pc Steve Jevons, of West Midlands Police’s said: “It’s a sorry tale: she has no previous convictions but a potentially promising career is now in ruins and all because she wanted to retain a clean licence.”