A 26 year old woman from Luton has been arrested and charged for the murder of Saima Khan who was murdered on the 23rd of May at her home on Overstone Road, Luton.


British Asians UK has learned that the woman charged has been named locally as Sabah Khan, the sister of Saima Khan.

Sabah Khan was arrested yesterday just before 9am and has today been charged with the murder of her sister.
Saima Khan was murdered on the 23rd of May after confronting a burglar, at the time is was speculated that the burglar was looking for gold at the address.

The family of Saima Khan arrived home after a late night funeral to find her lying in a ‘pool of blood.’
She is said to have suffered a single stab wound in her neck. Paramedics and police were called to the scene but she was pronounced dead at 11.30pm.

Police have now said that they are not ruling out the possibility of a ‘honour killing’ disguised as a burglary.
Saima Khan leaves behind four young children aged between 1 and 7.

Her husband, Hafeez Rehman, said: ‘She has been taken from us at the age of 34 and my children have been deprived of their mother.’

‘She was a loving mother to four beautiful children, a devoted wife, a beloved daughter and the most caring of sisters.
‘We have been left with a gap in our lives and we can only pray that she is resting in peace.’

Bedfordshire Police are continuing to appeal for witnesses who can provide them with information to get in contact with them.

Adam Gallop, Detective chief inspector , said: ‘This is a tragic incident and I would urge anyone who witnessed anything suspicious to get in touch with us, to help us establish the circumstances.

‘We are keeping an open mind as to what led to Saima’s death and we have a team of officers following a number of lines of inquiry.

‘Even small pieces of information could be crucial, so I’d ask people in the area to cast their minds back to see if they can remember anything suspicious